Closed Fireboxes

About Lineafire Closed Fireboxes

Our closed gas fireplaces will enrich your interior and allow you to enjoy a realistic flame picture. Let our collection inspire you and find the perfect gas fireplace for you. With our closed gas fireplaces, the two lines of fire provides depth and a full fire. By pressing one button on the remote control, you can reduce the power by up to 40%. This reduces the amount of heat, making it ideal for less cold evenings. You also use less gas, which results in lower costs. No soot or ash here, which means that you get all the comfort of a fireplace without all of the cleanup the morning after. Sounds perfect to us!

Safety First

Closed Fireboxes

No matter which gas fireplace you choose, it is always safe. You actually never come in contact with fire. And by using top quality materials, our gas fireplaces have a long lifespan. Furthermore, thanks to the high output, there is hardly any loss of heat. The heat produced by the fireplace is used to heat the room instead of being unused and going to waste.